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Friday, 16 February 2018

Best Ways To Use QuickBooks Online

The mid-sized and small business owners are increasingly using QuickBooks Online as believing that this accounting software is very economical, flexible and efficient for their in-house accounting needs. But, what most of the businesses are not aware of is that QuickBooks Online can be used for a variety of purposes in a more efficient way to increase productivity and profits. Most of the businesses are not using the QuickBooks Online to its full potential. It is the great software and can be used more efficiently to enhance its productivity and business profit levels. You can also approach the QuickBooks Support team for more assistance and collect the information to use the QuickBooks to its full potential.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Like all other Windows-based applications, there are many keyboard shortcuts which can be applied while using QuickBooks Online to simplify your workings with QuickBooks Online.

Some of the shortcuts are:

  • Ctrl+E – Editing the transaction selected in register
  • Ctrl+I – Creating Invoice
  • Ctrl+F – Finding the Transactions
  • Ctrl+M – Memorizing the transaction or report
  • Ctrl+J – Opening the Customer Center
  • Ctrl+N – Opening new invoice, check, bill or list of item in context
  • Ctrl+Q – Quick Report on Transaction or list item
  • Ctrl+W – Writing New Check
  • Pressing Ctrl while Opening – Opening QuickBooks without company file

Customizing Icon Bar

The QuickBooks Online comes with default icon bar at the top of the home screen. You can modify, remove and add an icon for better suitability of your work needs. You may contact the QuickBooks Support team to learn the ways to modify remove and add icons on the home screen of your QuickBooks online so as to make your working easier and faster

Using QuickBooks Calculator

There are many users that are know versed with the fact that there is an inbuilt calculator in QuickBooks Online which they can use to calculate invoices and transaction without having to use external calc. From the drop-down menu of Edit, you can get the inbuilt calculator of QuickBooks Online and with the calculator, you can use the QuickMath Calculator feature. This is the feature which most of the users are not aware of.

Using Program Preferences

There is a setup wizard which can help the QuickBooks Online users to lay the groundwork for your company, however, it is not comprehensive as there are many more decisions which you need to make and that are not covered by the wizard. To open the Preference Windows, you need to click Edit/Preferences and from the options, you can set:

  • Do you Want a One-Windows or Multiple Windows
  • The Default Accounts for Activities like Writing Checks and Paying Bills
  • The Default Annual Interest rates
  • Creating Estimates
  • Using the Inventory and Purchase Order
  • If you want to use Payroll
  • Set Reminders you would like
  • Changing the Sales Tax
  • Tracking Time

Exporting Reports to Excel

QuickBooks Online Reports are modifiable, but they are not powered by Excel to manipulate and format data and run what-if scenarios. You can expert QuickBooks reports to excel. You may approach the QuickBooks Support team to learn the steps to export QuickBooks reports to excel. Another newest version of QuickBooks is enterprise, it is the most used version of the software. If the user is having any issues with its functionality, they can contact our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number 888-677-5770.

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